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We match investors with quality tenants, at the best rental price in the quickest time. Here’s a few of our secrets on how to maximise investor rental returns

Digital marketing

Advertising your property online allows us to reach potential tenants on a 24/7 basis.
We ensure that your property is presented online with professional photography to attracts more prospective tenants. We advertise rental properties on a wide range of online portals which increases exposure to the rental market.

Tenant Database

We maintain a large prospective tenant database so when your property becomes available it can be quickly matched with a tenant that is looking for a property right now. Contacting tenants that are actively house hunting means we lease properties quicker. When it comes time for tenant selection, we have the tools investors need to make informed decisions and protect their asset.


A successful long term tenancy starts with getting the foundations right, the rental contract and entry inspections are executed by the experienced property manager and conveniently made available online for landlords to access 24/7.  Managing the tenancy in accordance with legislation ensures it runs smoothly and our clients achieve the best possible return over the life of their investment.

Routine inspections

Your property is inspected by the team on a regular basis ensuring it’s in good order and the tenants are maintaining the property in accordance with their rental agreement. Should repairs arise, we can manage the maintenance of your property through our network of cost effective trades persons. Our clients can be access the full maintenance history of their property from our online landlord portal.

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