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By Brennan Hill

A routine inspection of your property allows us to regularly and keep an eye on any repairs or maintenance required that could increase the potential rental income of the property and make sure it remains safe for tenants to live in for the duration of their tenancy.

We conduct inspections in the first three months of a tenancy this then allows us to set our the future inspection schedules as per legislation and your instructions. Another core purpose of the routine inspection at this early stage of the tenancy is to ensure that the tenants are taking due care of your home as this early phase often sets the tone to remaining period of the lease.

Regular inspections by our property investment managers help to minimise risk and raise awareness of the condition of the property and identify any potential hazards. However, there are some instances where identifying serious risk factors can only be accurately done by an experienced and certified inspector who specialise in areas such as key home safety issues, swimming pool compliance, pest control and smoke alarm systems.

Prevention is better than cure. Which is why we recommend that all investors consider getting their property professionally inspected so that they can be sure to hand over a safe, secure and healthy home for their tenants and potentially save money and heartache in the process.

While we do our very best to identify risk area’s we recommend getting specialist inspectors to check for the follow hazards.

Slip, trip and fall hazards, Safety switch and electrical hazards Building and glass hazards, Hot water, fireplace, gas and fixed heating hazards, Internal stairs and balustrades and external balconies, decks and stairs Persistent moisture and mould, Pest hazards, Curtain and blind cord hazards, Large trees or shrub hazards

Legislative Maintenance Requirements

The Federal and State Government over the last few years have introduced legislation into our industry that requires landlords and tenants to comply with statutory laws. As your industry expert we must ensure that you remain compliant and that your tenants remain safe. These laws require us to engage the services of licensed tradespeople to undertake, monitor and service the particular areas. These areas are: Smoke alarm servicing, Blind cord compliance, Water efficiency certificate, Pool and spa safety

We provide our clients with a full report which includes a minimum of six photo’s and your report can be accessed 24/7 from our property investor portal.

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