Getting your house photo shoot ready

By Brennan Hill

So you’ve picked your real estate agent and you want to achieve the highest possible price for your home.

Your agent and the photographer is coming to take the photo’s that will be presented to the market, the core aim of this process is to attract as much attention as possible from the buyers in your market place. These photo’s will infact be the very first inspection that a potential property buyer will have of your home, the better presented the images the more likely you will generate that very important enquiry and big numbers on open home day.

The most important thing to remember when you want to sell your house for top dollar is that a clutter free, well presented home will always look more appealing and spacious to prospective buyers. We’ve put together our top tips into a simple checklist to help you get prepared for your property photography.


  • Remove cars from the driveway

  • Remove shoes, bags and unwanted clutter


  • Clear coffee table of remote controls and magazines

  • Add flowers arrangements or decorative props if possible


  • Clear benches, windows, and sink

  • Remove cleaning products, tea towels and clothes

  • Remove fridge magnets and rubbish bin

  • Place a decorative prop on the dining table


  • Makes beds and tidy bedside table tops

  • Remove floor clutter and clear area beneath beds


  • Remove cleaning products and personal products from shower/bath

  • Remove all items from vanity top & clean mirror/shower glass  

  • Remove mats and clothes hamper  

  • Display co-ordinated towels or remove totally


  • Remove toys, garden tools, wheelbarrows and hoses

  • Remove clothes from washing line

  • Remove wheelie bins and rubbish bags


  • Remove creepy crawly and cleaning equipment

  • Remove lilos, pool toys etc.


  • Turn on ALL lights and lamps

  • Remove pet bedding and bowl

  • Remove all clutter, place in cupboards, garage/laundry etc

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