Top tips to maximise rental returns

By Brennan Hill

 You want a property manager that can maximise your rental returns and provide information quickly and efficiently.

Looking for a real estate agent that provides a high level of service which meets your specific needs.

Why shouldn’t you have a property manager that you can communicate when you want to?

The Ray White Beenleigh property management team is ready and waiting to maximise your rentals returns and provide the high level of service that you expect.

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  • The secret to attracting good tenants.

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  • How to lease property at the highest price, in the quickest time, to the best tenant.

  • Is my rental property safe and compliant?

  • When comparing property managers – What’s the real difference?

  • Yield vs Capital gain – Which is most important?

  • What suburb should I buy an investment property?

All this information and more is available to you right now!

You might be interested to know that Ray White Beenleigh property undertakes asset protection inspections (routine inspections) on a quarterly basis and all your reports are stored electronically for you to access from any device anytime.

Every landlord that uses our property management services receives a tailored management plan for their rental property.

Your management plan includes.

  1. Strategies to increase rental price.

  2. Increase the value of your property.

  3. Reduce the cost of maintenance.

  4. Tenant management and risk mitigation.

  5. Full financial performance summary of the property.

Our property management team understands that each and every property investor has different needs and doesn’t necessarily work on a 9 am to 5 pm schedule, we’ve invested in state of the art cloud technology that keeps our property investors in full control of their investment with complete oversight of our management which allows our clients to genuinely monitor the performance of their asset.

Some key reasons why property investors choose a Ray White Beenleigh property manager.

  • Rental prices are regularly reviewed

  • Property managers attend monthly training

  • Property management specialist

  • Residential tenancy legislation experts

  • Tenants are treated with respect

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